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Professional photographer focusing on quality, professionalism and the details

Photographer with great experience in and passion for photographing and documenting people, businesses and events. Resolves specific tasks within: Drone photography, Business photography, Advertising photography, Reporting, Press and Portrait photography, Events (Private and Business), Expeditions and Events in and outside Denmark. Contact me for further information or get a specific offer on your assignment.

Drone photography and video

If you want to see a different angle of things than traditional photographs or videos of, for example, your property, before / after image of construction or just a particular area, then this is also an option. Drone photography and video recordings are especially useful at events (eg at sports events, reporting, expeditions and larger gatherings), inspections (eg roof inspections, buildings, port inspections, fields, masts, search and surveillance) or for business presentations (eg. eg business profiles, advertisements, movies, events). The possibilities are many and the results are amazing!

I am a Certified Dronepilot, Level 1A, issued by The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority which is  an authority under the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing.

This implies, that I am approved for flight with drones in the urban area in Denmark.

In case of requests for drone assignments outside of Denmark, I am subject to the current legislation for the country in question and any local restrictions. Contact me for further information.