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Photography of moving objects

Do you want to photograph objects in motion where, for example, a train is in focus while the surroundings are blurred due to the speed?

It’s actually not as difficult as it sounds – it’s all about lowering the shutterspeed and keeping focus on the object while it’s moving…

The trick is relative simple – set the shutterspeed as low as possible versus the objects movement speed – for example, if the shutterspeed is too high all the objects in the scene will be ‘frozen’ evenly with the selected object and if it’s too low it will proberly .

The following image series has been photographed in daylight with a clear sky. The settings on the camera are ISO 100, F4, 1/50 and on the lens itself (24-105mm). I have mounted an ND filter that allows photographing at such low shutterspeed under these conditions – If I didn’t use a ND-filter the shutterspeed would be highter than 1/300 and that’s is to high for this image.

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